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FloppyGate is a on a floppy linux distribution ready to be used as an ip masquerade firewall. it is build on a debian woody distribution with a 2.2.17 kernel. FloppyGate turn your diskless x86 computer in a complete firewall.

FloppyGate package FloppyGate_1.tgz contains :

FloppyGate is distributed under the term of the GNU public License so you can use it freely if you respect the term of the license. You can download and read the file : gpl.txt

Ipmasq support Applications :

You can find the list of the supported applications at :
The h323 support is customized in FloppyGate with the command iph. You can receive incomming ip calls.

Download FloppyGate :

Documentation :

Require :
To use FloppyGate you need a kernel thet support loopback device,dialog library installed.

Installation :
To use floppy gate download the distribution, prepare a clean floppy, decompress the package by using :
tar -zxvf FloppyGate_1.tgz
go into the Folder FloppyGate_1 :
cd FloppyGate_1
launch the installation script :
Follow the instruction of the script.

To transfer incoming h323 call use the command iph.
iph Ip_of_internal_host

Optimisation :

You can modify your future linux by changing script into FloppyGate/flop/tree/. The first script launch is /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit. Edit this file to modify the boot of the system.

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